Hurricane Zeta

Tropical Storm Zeta is currently forecast to bring a multi-hazard threat to the area late Wednesday into Wednesday night as a strong tropical storm or Category 1 hurricane. With the potential threat to Jefferson Parish from Tropical Storm Zeta, the Alario Center drive-thru testing site will suspend services on Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020 and Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020. The Alario Center testing site will close because it is supported by the Louisiana Army National Guard and they are shifting operations to storm support.

In preparation for Tropical Storm Zeta, residents are encouraged to gather emergency supplies, including food, water and medications for at least three days. Residents are also encouraged to clear out leaves and debris from gutters, downspouts and in front of catch basins to help rain get to the drain. Residents should place their garbage and recycling bins curbside on their scheduled collection days. If heavy rain occurs, residents should remove all bins from the curb and secure them on their property to avoid debris clogging storm drains and the loss of bins if street flooding occurs.

Residents should continue to monitor the news for weather updates and follow guidance from local officials in the coming days.