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Hurricane Michael

October 9, 2018



According to the National Weather Service, Hurricane Michael is expected to move through the central and northern Gulf Tuesday through Wednesday. Ahead of any direct impacts from this storm, strengthening winds over the Gulf will lead to higher than normal tides along east and southeast facing shores of Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi. A Coastal Flood Advisory is in effect for our area.

The greatest impacts are expected to remain east of the Jefferson Parish.  We are closely monitoring the hurricane’s track and are prepared to take necessary action should the storm pose any threat to the parish, all Jefferson Parish social media sites will also be updated as necessary.

Residents and business owners are encouraged to sign up for JPAlert. JPAlert is Jefferson Parish Government’s alert notification system that allows officials to contact subscribers immediately during a major crisis or emergency and can deliver important emergency alerts, notifications and updates via e-mail, phone (landline or mobile) and other handheld devices. JPAlert is a free service; however, wireless carriers may charge a fee to receive messages on mobile devices. To receive weather and emergency bulletins from JPAlert, visit to register. 


Last modified: October 9, 2018

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